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The DCCC invested $20 million dollars into its unprecedented direct voter contact program aimed at persuading swing voters with one-on-one contact while building the largest ground operation in DCCC history for get out the vote and field activities. Our early and aggressive in field and targeting began in April 2009 and was perfected during the three special election wins this cycle.

There are more than 725 field staff in targeted House districts who have built an army of volunteers focused on persuading voters and getting out the vote.

Since March 1, DemocratsÂ’ aggressive neighbor-to-neighbor voter contact program has resulted in more than:
  • 11 million person-to-person phone calls
  • 3.3 million volunteer recruitment calls
  • 4.1 million person-to-person door knocks
(This does not include the similar efforts being made by labor and OFA.)

Between Now and Election Day

The field program has been preparing for our Get Out the Vote efforts and have built significant volunteer capacity that will turnout Democratic supporters on November 2nd.

In targeted districts, House Democrats have:
  • 40,000 volunteers scheduled to make calls now through Election Day.
  • 102,000 volunteers scheduled to go door-to-door through Election Day.

  • This is separate from the similar efforts of OFA and labor.

    We know the best antidote to Republican swift-boat attacks is reaching out to your friends and neighbors. That's why we've launched a massive grassroots campaign to remind voters of the choice between moving America forward or letting Republicans bring back the exact same failed Bush agenda.

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