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CA-11 With six contenders, the Republican primary in CA-11 is getting increasingly intense. Already, allegations have flown between two candidates, one of whom alleges that a search of his business was politically motivated, noting that the county sheriff had endorsed the other candidate. [Stockton Record, 1/14/10]
NH-02 Washington insider and former Congressman Charlie Bass is facing serious competition from conservative activist and 2008 nominee Jennifer Horn. Between his record of supporting out of control deficit spending and his association with the failed Bush economic agenda, Bass’s record has already come under fire in what will be a hotly contested primary fight. [New Hampshire Union-Leader, 11/03/09]
NY-01 Since August, the NRCC has promoted Randy Altschuler, an outsourcing pioneer who brags about creating jobs overseas. This sparked harsh words from Suffolk County GOP Chairman John Jay LaValle, who said "I've never seen a candidate try to run for office with more flaws than Randy Altschuler" and all but guaranteed that Altschuler would not receive the party's nomination [The New York Daily News, 1/25/10]. According to the Daily News, LaValle readily admits he was with Altschuler before he was against him – that is, before he found out that Altschuler has a spotty voting record, was previously enrolled in the Green Party, and ran a company that proudly outsourced jobs to India. Now, LaValle says the two strongest candidates to come through the screening process are Chris Cox and retired CIA officer Gary Berntsen. Members of his own party pushed back on him and submitted a letter urging the Suffolk County GOP to give Altschuler a "fair chance." The NRCC also turned its back on LaValle and the local party by naming Randy Altschuler to its "Contenders" list. They then stirred the pot even more by adding Tea Party favorite George Demos to the list of "On the Radar" candidates.
TN-08 Although Steve Fincher has been highly touted by the National Republican Congressional Committee and has advanced to a "contender" in its Young Gun program, he now faces a competitive Republican primary in Tenessee's 8th Congressional District. As National Republicans have embraced Fincher, two well-funded physicians announced their candidacies. Dr. Ron Kirkland recently announced he raised $365,000 since joining the race on January 3rd. Dr. George Flinn, a Shelby County Commissioner joined the race in January and has publicly expressed his resentment towards Washington Republicans efforts to hand pick the nominee for the 8th District of Tennessee. [Politico, 1/29/10; Kirkland Release, 2/11/10; CQPolitics, 2/04/10]

And if the GOP infighting in the primary is not enough, Brighton businessman Donn Janes said he will now run as a "Tea Party" independent candidate. [CQ, 1/11/10]
CA-45 Republican Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack has come under fire from the Right for voting in favor of the House Democrats' energy bill in June. Bono Mack faces a primary challenge from Clay Thibodeau, a Hemet Republican seeking support from conservative Republicans, who decided to challenge Bono Mack because of her cap and trade vote [Desert Sun, 10/25/09; Press Enterprise, 1/13/10]. Bill Lussenheide, a businessman and conservative radio talk show host, is running against Bono Mack as a "Constitutional candidate" under the American Independent Party "banner." [The Desert Sun, 1/25/10]. And now – surprise! Facing right-wing pressure, Bono Mack is wavering in her support of cap and trade, according to a local news story headlined, "Bono Mack reconsiders climate change bill,” in which Bono Mack said, "I'm certainly not there yet." [Desert Sun, 11/12/09]

Mary Bono Mack is also highly vulnerable with voters across the spectrum for spending very little time in her district and for her shameless hypocrisy in taking credit for local jobs and projects she voted against in the Recovery Act. [Desert Sun, 1/21/10; Press Enterprise, 9/17/09]
VA-05 No primary in the country has garnered more attention as the divisive battle between Washington Republicans backing Robert Hurt and grassroots conservatives opposed to his nomination. The battle lines have formed around Hurt's support for a $1.4 billion tax increase which landed him on the conservative Americans for Tax Reform list of "Virginia's Least Wanted." [CQ, 12/17/09 ] Hurt's primary opponents have invested significant personal funds including over $200,000 from Laurence Verga and $500,000 from James McKelvey. [Charlottesville Daily Progress, 1/28/10 ]. McKelvey has said he might run as an independent instead of a Republican in order to stop Hurt. Former GOP candidate Bradley Rees dropped out of the GOP primary in order to run as an independent, more recently businessman Jeffrey Clark announced he would run as an independent candidate. [News and Advance, 10/29/2009 ; Danville Register and Bee , 2/02/10]
AZ-08 Recently, Republican congressional candidate Jonathan Paton caved in to pressure and signed the anti-tax pledge of Washington, D.C., operative Grover Norquist. His Republican primary opponent Jesse Kelly originally blasted Paton for not taking the pledge. This means Paton has now flip-flopped twice on the pledge apparently whenever it benefits him [The Arizona Daily Star, 8/23/09], [Americans for Tax Reform]. Kelly has attacked Paton for being a career politician and has made clear that Paton's votes for out of control budgets in the state legislature will be a major issue in the Aug. 24 primary [The Washington Post, 3/15/10]. Paton and Kelly also face Republicans opponents Andy Goss and Brian Miller.
FL-24 The Republican primary in Florida's 24th district remains one of the messiest in the country. National Republicans have encouraged Craig Miller to enter the race but his entrance has been marred by questions surrounding his public firing as a CEO of Ruth's Chris Steak House. [Orlando Sentinel, 2/4/2010; Nation’s Restaurant News, 5/26/08] Miller has also come under fire for his long-time record of supporting weaker penalties for drunk driving. [Nation’s Restaurant News, 12/17/01] Other Republican running in the primary include, State Representative Sandy Adams, Karen Diebel, Chad MacInnes, Jim Foster, and Robert Robey. Larry Sinclair is running as an Independent.
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