Drive to 25 Fellows

A Road to Your Future in Politics

Are you looking for an opportunity to break into politics? Want to establish lasting connections and gain campaign experience? Would you like to work on behalf of a current or future Member of Congress? The DCCC Drive to 25 Fellowship Program is designed to give people substantial exposure to practical, campaign-style politics on a national level. This is a great opportunity to help Democrats win back the Majority in 2012 and learn the in and out’s of a Congressional Campaign.

Who are we looking for?

  • Proven leaders in their communities who are committed to taking back the House in 2012
  • Smart, energetic, and fun people who are interested in gaining experience and involvement in politics

What are the benefits of the DCCC Fellowship Program?

  • An unprecedented opportunity to work day to day with top political operatives in the country who are passionate about winning back the House
  • Receive first hand experience with how professional campaigns are run and how they function
  • The opportunity to network with leaders in the field

The Drive to 25 Fellowship Program will be offered on three different schedules:

  • Spring Session: February - Mid May
  • Summer Session: Late May - Mid August
  • Fall Session: Late August - December

Application Deadline: Spring fellows applications are due February 25th at noon EST.

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Drive to 25 Fellowships are available in the following departments (descriptions below):

  • New Media and Marketing
  • Political
  • Finance
  • Research/Operations
  • Communications
  • Policy
  • Member Services
  • Accounting/Compliance
  • Targeting

Fellowship Job Descriptions

New Media and Marketing:

The Marketing and Membership and New Media Department is responsible for the DCCC's grassroots fundraising, using direct mail, telemarketing, and email appeals.  In addition, they help the DCCC and House Democrats engage with supporters through the development of online capabilities that will expand political and financial resources, impact, and effectiveness.  In the 2006 - 2010 cycles, the DCCC's marketing program experienced massive growth and expanded membership.  In the 2012 cycle, the department will continue its focus on renewed and strengthened membership with innovative initiatives for new donor acquisition and resolicitation, and expanding and cultivating our grassroots donor base. More than 75% of DCCC revenue comes from individuals, and 90 cents on the dollar invested goes toward electing Democrats.

Specific offerings will include the creation of new DCCC websites, including many interactive opportunities for members, donors and voters to get involved with the DCCC here in Washington, DC or in their local districts. The department also produces web ads, grassroots actions, informational online newsletters and a running weblog of national and local politics, which interns may be asked to contribute to.

Fellows would assist the team with membership inquiries, FEC compliance, and the approval of direct mail letter copy and artwork. In addition, they would also have the opportunity to assist in the creative and strategic development of future DCCC direct mail and email communications.  Our fellows play a vital role in the brainstorming, design, development and implementation of a host of different projects and will also provide administrative support.


The DCCC Political Department is committed to recruiting, training, and electing Democratic candidates to the U.S. House of Representatives. Through a variety of services and resources, the Department provides the technical, logistical, and problem-solving support necessary for candidates and staff to run strong, competitive, winning campaigns. The Political Department provides guidance to campaigns on fundraising, message, budgeting, and voter contact, as well as a wide range of other areas. Additionally, the Political Department is tasked with tracking the political climate on a national and district-by-district basis, and working to help campaigns gain visibility, both in-district and in Washington, D.C.

Duties: Interns will be involved in the day to day operations of the political department. They will help track congressional races across the country; maintain our database and candidate files while gaining exposure to all aspects of supporting successful campaigns

Duties: Operations interns will gain exposure to all departments at the DCCC. You will be asked to participate in a variety of areas, ranging from updating the DCCC media library to assisting with office organization and daily projects.


The Finance Department raises the funds that are essential to maintaining and expanding the Democratic majority in the House in 2012. The resources raised by the this department help Democratic incumbents and challengers win competitive House seats.

The Finance Department has several different programs that utilize the strength and diversity of the Democratic Caucus and the Party through regional fundraising divisions. This department also plans and executes high-dollar fundraising events throughout the country.

Duties: Examples of daily tasks include keeping track of preparing mailings, donor research and updating contact information for various groups. Interns may also be asked to help with long-term projects that may include writing memos to the Democratic Caucus, completing research projects, and helping fulfill candidate staffing needs. Interns will also attend and staff local fundraising events.


The DCCC research department provides both committee staff and congressional candidates with a variety of information ranging from issue briefs to public record research. The department specializes in framing the strategic message based on local concerns within the larger context of our national debate. We look forward to working with candidates on paid and earned media content, legislative updates, debate preparation, vote reports and building a case to take to voters based on well-documented facts.

Duties: Research at the DCCC is an ongoing, rigorous process that requires hard work and attention to detail, but most of all enthusiasm for politics and public policy. Interns can expect to help the Research Department compile databases, opposition research, and help track events, news, issues and policy on the Hill, in think tanks in Washington, or locally in Congressional districts and states, and other tasks as needed.
The Operations Department is responsible for the critical day-to-day business operations of the committee. This team makes sure that the committee staff has the resources and systems in place to enable staff to effectively execute their duties. Interns can expect to sift through, sort and break down historical records maintained by the DCCC for use in current and future campaigns including video, audio and paper records.


The DCCC's communications department engages in a variety of message activities to help elect a Democratic majority and to further the Democratic Caucus' political objectives through earned media. The primary goal of the communications department is communicating a strong and effective Democratic message in the national and local press in the House's key battleground states. In addition, the communications department offers a variety of services to Democratic Members. Our staff is dedicated to meeting a broad array of Members' communication needs.
Duties: The Communications Intern would assist the Press Assistant in maintaining district specific lists of media outlets, sending out press releases, and monitoring media coverage using an online media monitoring service. The Intern would also provide daily Administrative support for the Communications Director and the department as a whole.

The DCCC Policy Department is committed to providing policy advice to Democratic House candidates and challengers and creating political opportunities in a variety of settings. The Department provides policy recommendations to Leadership and ensures messages reflect the DCCC’s overall goals. Duties: Interns will be involved in the day to day operations of the policy department. They will track the legislative process and support the activities of the Department in a variety of ways.

Member Services:

The DCCC Member Services Department provides support for all Members' campaign programs. The DCCC has space conveniently located near Capitol Hill for campaign activity and provides a number of services to Members.
Duties: This internship offers a unique access to Members of the US House of Representatives and possible networking opportunities. Some of the duties the intern would assist with are management of call spaces for telephone campaign efforts, preparation of tracking reports, fundraising list development and distribution, database management, notification to the public of Member and candidate events, development and distribution of master calendar of fundraising activities, and phone banking and mass mailings support.


The Accounting/Compliance department is responsible for overseeing all accounting , compliance, and Federal Election Commission (FEC) Reporting functions within the committee. An intern can expect to gain a basic knowledge of federal election law and political accounting practices.

Duties: The primary duties of the Accounting/Compliance intern are to assist with the overall daily function of the department. Examples of daily tasks include filing disbursements and receipts, assisting with expense account tracking, assisting with sales/use tax reporting, coordinating with team to manage miscellaneous projects, and assisting with Federal Election Compliance reporting. Please note, this is not a "strategy" field and all work will be administrative in nature.


The DCCC Targeting Team is seeking an intern  to will assist with creating, revising, and implementing targeted voter contact plans. Duties will include data entry, data analysis, research, daily task tracking, using voter file data, and assisting with other projects.

Qualified applicants will have strong communications and problem solving skills. Applicants must be familiar with basic data management software (Excel, Access, etc.) and have a basic knowledge of statistics. Knowledge of advanced database software or geographic information systems is helpful, but not required. Coursework in statistics, political data, database management, demographic data, or geographic information systems is also helpful but not required.